Frozen Fun: Hatching Dinosaur Eggs - A STEM Activity for Preschoolers

diy experiments Jul 25, 2023
Frozen Fun: Hatching Dinosaur Eggs - A STEM Activity for Preschoolers

Introduction Join our exciting STEM activity for preschoolers. We'll be exploring the Dinosaur Ice Eggs project! This hands-on activity will teach kids about paleontology, geology, scientific processes, dinosaur species identification, creativity, and extinction awareness.

Understanding the Dinosaur Ice Egg Project

What's a Paleontologist? A paleontologist is a person who studies fossils and prehistoric life to understand Earth's history, past ecosystems, and extinct species. They analyze ancient plants and animals preserved in rocks to learn about life's evolution over millions of years.

Materials Needed:

  • Water balloons
  • Small dinosaur toys (without wings)
  • Water
  • Freezer
  • Scissors (to cut off balloon tops)
  • Warm water (for melting the ice)
  • Salt (optional, for experimenting with melting)


  1. Take a dinosaur toy and put it inside a water balloon.
  2. Fill the balloon with water, tie it shut, and freeze it overnight.
  3. Cut off the top of the balloon and remove it.
  4. Use warm water to melt the ice and hatch the dinosaur.
  5. Want to try something cool? Add a little salt to see how it affects the melting process.
  6. Learn about water's properties and how ice and water are the same thing in different forms.
  7. Enjoy hatching your dinosaur and exploring the wonders of water and ice!

Adding STEM to the Fun


Science: The Frozen World of Dinosaurs

  • Explore the Science of Freezing and Melting
  • Investigate Water's Properties and Phase Changes
  • Learn How Ice and Water are the Same Thing in Different Forms
  • Examine the Effects of Temperature on Water States
  • Discover How Salt Influences the Freezing Point of Water

Technology: Documenting the Dinosaur Hatching

  • Capture the Hatching Process with Videos and Photos
  • Utilize Interactive Apps to Visualize Dinosaurs Digitally
  • Create Engaging Digital Presentations to Share Discoveries
  • Explore Virtual Reality (VR) to Immerse in Dinosaur Habitats
  • Utilize Digital Tools for Dinosaur Species Identification

Engineering: Designing and Building Ice Egg Molds

  • Engineer Egg Molds in Various Shapes and Sizes
  • Experiment with Different Materials for Mold Construction
  • Enhance Creativity Through Design and Iterative Prototyping
  • Investigate Insulation Techniques to Control Melting Rates
  • Implement 3D Printing for Customized Egg Mold Designs

Math: Measuring, Calculating, and Analyzing

  • Measure Water Volume for the Frozen Eggs
  • Calculate Surface Area of Egg Molds
  • Record and Analyze Data during Freezing and Melting Experiments
  • Graph Temperature Changes Over Time During Hatching
  • Conduct Statistical Analysis of Hatching Success Rates

Educational Benefits of the Dinosaur Ice Egg Project

  • Develops an understanding of paleontology and prehistoric life.
  • Promotes scientific inquiry and critical thinking skills.
  • Encourages creativity through designing egg molds and presentations.
  • Introduces basic math concepts in a fun and engaging way.
  • Fosters awareness about extinction and the importance of preserving natural history.


The Dinosaur Ice Eggs project offers a fantastic opportunity for preschoolers to dive into the captivating world of dinosaurs and prehistoric life. Through this hands-on STEM activity, children will not only have fun hatching their dinosaur toys but will also gain valuable insights into science, technology, engineering, and math. Join the ice age explorers on this thrilling adventure of discovery, learning, and imagination!


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