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Our focus is on providing easy access to STEM resources while ensuring equity and innovation. With our Accessibility initiative, you can enjoy STEM lesson plans, videos, and supplies, all crafted by experts and tailored to various learning styles. Through Equity, we're committed to affordability, making sure that everyone can engage in STEM learning, and promoting equal educational opportunities. Embrace Innovation with our groundbreaking program, STEM with Stanley, designed to revolutionize classroom learning, nurture curiosity, and heighten engagement. Don't miss the Opportunity for hands-on training designed for educators and staff, empowering them to effectively teach STEM subjects. Experience Unique Experiences as we offer low-cost experiments that seamlessly integrate into your curriculum, elevating the learning process with practical, captivating activities. Discover the world of effortless STEM education with us.


What Little STEM Lab Offers

Professional Development

Tailored sessions for seamlessly integrating STEM into educational systems


Virtual Lab

Experience interactive, low-cost experiments aligned with state standards, meeting cross-curricular goals.



Lab Kits

Access custom STEM lesson plans, extension activities for ELA, and hands-on, multisensory learning materials.



FREE STEM Experiment

Get ready for a wild ride with our exciting and educational STEM experiment designed for your pre-K and K students.


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Elevate Your Pre-K and Kindergarten STEM Activities with Cross-Curricular Strategies

Discover innovative ways to enhance STEM activities for Pre-K and Kindergarten students with our blog. Homeschool parents and early education teachers can explore cross-curricular strategies that bring a new level of engagement and learning to their classrooms.

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I'm LJ Henderson

As the founder of Little Stem Academy & Lab, I understand the impact that education has on the future workforce, which is why I have developed a curriculum that enthusiastically exposes preschoolers to a rigorous STEM program.

I believe that children are like film: the more you expose them, the more they develop. My hope is that pre-schoolers all over the world will have the opportunity to engage in STEM lessons, which is why I'm opening up the doors of Little Stem Academy to you.

 Let me help your program not only be fantastic but STEMTASTIC!


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