DIY LED Ghost Craft: A STEM-Powered Artistic Engineering Project

experiments Oct 31, 2023
DIY LED Ghost Craft: A STEM-Powered Artistic Engineering Project

In today's experiment, we're stepping into the shoes of Artistic Engineers, combining creativity with science and building to create something imaginative that actually works – a ghost sculpture that lights up! This project not only taps into the spirit of Halloween but also pays tribute to visionaries like Leonardo da Vinci, who excelled in both art and engineering.


Leonardo da Vinci, renowned for masterpieces like the Mona Lisa, was also an inventor extraordinaire. His creative genius extended beyond canvas to flying machines, diving suits, and even a tank!


Fire Safety First!

Safety is paramount, especially when it comes to Halloween crafts. That's why we're using a light source that doesn't involve any flames. And speaking of fire safety, it's crucial to mention Alicia Carter's dedication to educating families about home safety after her tragic loss. Her book, "Spark the No-No-Flame," is a must-read for every household. READ MORE HERE


Materials You'll Need:

  • Air-dry clay
  • Water-based markers
  • Rolling pin
  • Straw
  • LED light

Crafting Instructions:

  1. Flatten the clay with a rolling pin.
  2. Mold it into ghostly shape.
  3. Carve out the eyes with a straw.
  4. Let it dry overnight.
  5. Insert the LED light.
  6. Allow it to set overnight.

The Grand Finale:

Your glowing ghost sculpture is ready to spook! Display it as decor or on a shelf/mantle at home for that eerie ambiance.



Incorporating STEM:

Even though this is primarily an arts and crafts project, we're infusing it with STEM elements to make it an educational experience:

  1. Science: Understand how air-dry clay reacts to heat, and explore how light interacts with translucent materials.
  2. Technology: Get to know the basics of a battery-operated tea light, from power source to light emission control.
  3. Engineering: Design the ghost sculpture with an engineering mindset, considering stability, safety, and aesthetics to achieve the desired effect of a glowing ghost lantern.
  4. Mathematics: Precision may come into play during construction, especially if you're aiming for a specific outcome.

This project seamlessly blends STEM concepts with artistic expression, offering a hands-on, engaging way to explore these subjects.


Thanks for joining us on this STEM-tastic adventure! If you enjoyed this project, don't forget to like and subscribe for more exciting STEM activities. And remember, safety is the key to a happy and spooktacular Halloween!


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