Earth Day STEM Activities for kids

experiments Apr 22, 2024
Earth Day STEM Activities for kids

Happy Earth Day! Today is not just about appreciating the natural beauty of our planet but also about taking active steps to preserve it. One exciting way to involve our young learners in this mission is through hands-on, creative STEM activities that focus on recycling and conservation. LJ Henderson, Dean of Instruction at Little Stem Academy, joins us to share some innovative ideas to make recycling fun and educational for kids.


Recycle Robot Challenge

  • Materials Needed: Cardboard boxes (e.g., pop tart, cracker), shoe tubes, water bottle caps, cans, holiday decorations.

  • STEM Learning:

    • Science: Understand the materials that can be recycled and their environmental impact.

    • Technology: Use various recycled materials to create a functional object.

    • Engineering: Construct a robot from various recyclable materials, enhancing problem-solving skills.

  • Activity Enhancements:

    • Turn this into a competition where kids design their own robots using household recyclables.

    • Measure and compare the height and flexibility of the robots.

    • Discuss the importance of each material used and brainstorm other usable items.



Get Involved and Learn More

This Earth Day, take the opportunity to teach children about the importance of recycling and sustainability through fun and engaging STEM activities. By turning everyday items into educational experiments, we can instill a sense of responsibility and curiosity in our young learners.

LJ Henderson also mentions that Little Stem Academy is offering a free robot-making kit, available for download, to help you get started on your recycling projects.


 Earth Day STEM Activities for kids


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